Gab (?), n. [Cf. Gaff.] Steam Engine

The hook on the end of an eccentric rod opposite the strap. See. Illust. of Eccentric.


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Gab, n. [OE. gabbe gabble, mocking, fr. Icel. gabb mocking, mockery, or OF. gab, gabe; perh. akin to E. gape, or gob. Cf. Gab, v. i., Gibber.]

The mouth; hence, idle prate; chatter; unmeaning talk; loquaciousness.


Gift of gab, facility of expression. [Colloq.]


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Gab, v. i. [OE. gabben to jest, lie, mock, deceive, fr. Icel. gabba to mock, or OF. gaber. See 2d Gab, and cf. Gabble.]


To deceive; to lie.




To talk idly; to prate; to chatter.



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