Great Valley Products manufactured hardware for the Commodore Amiga series of computers. They weren't alone in this, but GVP's products were good. Very good. The Series II GVP hard drive controller was pretty much the fastest available for the 16-bit Amigas (later on faster ones appeared but were usually limited to those with 32-bit busses), and had the additional feature of allowing the addition of up to 8MB of RAM to complement its rather good SCSI interface. It looked good as well - the Amiga 500 model was styled to fit in with the rest of the case. A later model, the A530, had an integrated 68030 accelerator and allowed 32-bit RAM to be added to Amiga 500s. They also made accelerator cards for other Amiga models, as well as the Phone Pak (a telecommunications device that allowed a single Amiga to do multiple voice mail sessions), the IC-24 (a 24-bit graphics card and genlock) and the GVP-IO card that added several extra rs232 ports and a parallel port.

GVP's major failing was that their hardware was usually expensive and their 32-bit accelerators required proprietary 64-pin SIMMs. They went bust in the mid-90s, and the distribution rights went to a new company called GVP-M which still produces and sells some GVP products.

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