GENI, or the Global Engery Network Insitute is an non-profit organization that promotes the idea of... a global energy network, or grid.

Buckminster Fuller first concieved of this idea, which would increase universal standards of living, trade, world peace, sustainable development, reduce pollution, hunger, illiteracy, and poverty, and stabilize population growth.

By linking the renewable energy resources around the world, electric power would be affordable and useful to all of mankind. This would create enormous economic benefits, far out-weighing the cost. The environment also benefits from linked grid systems because it means that utilities would eventually only run their most efficient and economical generators, causing reduced need for thermal generation and pollution. By increasing international interdependence, it lessens the chances of war. Besides, billions of people's standard of living will be dramatically increased.

GENI is endorsed by Boutros Boutros-Ghali, Walter Cronkite, Desmond Tutu, Al Gore, and others.

Go to the GENI website to learn more.

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