Fyodor II was the son of Boris Gudenov of Russia. He was proclaimed Tsar on his father's death in 1605, when he was only sixteen. Boris had tried to prepare him to rule, but at the time Fyodor came to the throne, a man claiming to be Ivan the Terrible's dead son Dmitry was invading Russia at the head of a mostly Polish army. Fyodor had fairly little support among the nobles, many of whom felt that the Gudenov family were upstarts and the Romanov family had a much better claim to the throne now that the old royal family had died out. Many peasants and soliders were not sure that the invader wasn't the real Dmitry (though he is now known to have been a former servant of the Romanov family whose real name was Yuri Otrepiev) and were reluctant to fight against him. So when, before the year was out, the forces of False Dmitry reached Moscow, there was hardly even a battle. Fyodor and his mother were murdered, and Fyodor's sister forced into a convent.

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