(From Furry + Survey) A furvey is a questionnaire that has questions related to furry lifestyle. It is intended for both statistical tool and, as a means of introduction, and as a way for people to discover new things about their "animal side". =)

Most alt.lifestyle.furry readers de-lurk first time by posting a filled furvey to the newsgroup. This serves as a good introduction. Many people post updated furveys periodically (for example, I repost my furvey every year).

At the moment, the furvey is at version 3.5, has 56 questions, and is being maintained by Ziramax and Valryn Timberwolf. It used to have more questions, but it has dropped less essential stuff and combined some questions to more generic ones. It was maintained by Locandez until early 2001.

Home page: http://www.geocities.com/furvey/

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