ffrr (Full Frequency Range Recordings)

Dance music record label, based in London.
I hate to use the term 'dance music', but ffrr releases span a wide range of styles, from drum 'n' bass to Balaeric house, so it's unavoidable.

The label was launched in 1988 by Pete Tong, the world famous (though not universally loved) house DJ, who had been working as the A&R manager for London Records.

The quality of releases tends to be mixed - many well respected underground artists have been released by ffrr (Goldie, Orbital, DJ Shadow), but the label has also released some more questionable mainstream anthems (Riva featuring Danni Minogue, Little Louie Vega). Tong describes this as a necessary evil: "I had a rule which was to sign one relatively indulgent record to every potential big hit. I was aware from the start that you can be hip, but you also have to balance the books."

Interestingly, although the label has successful in many styles, it is the drum 'n' bass artists that have earnt it the most respect (Goldie, LTJ Bukem, Dillinja). Considering Pete Tong's public bias towards house music, perhaps this reveals that he is a closet junglist...

Overall, a well respected and established label, with many fine acts. However, be sure to listen before you buy, since you might not be getting what you expect!

Some artists with ffrr releases:

Typographical note: Yes, ffrr should all be lower-case, despite the fact that it is an acronym. Mr. Tong prefers it that way.

Some sources: http://www.discogs.com/label/ffrr, http://www.burnitblue.com/music/DJArtist.asp?DJ=146, http://www.londonrecords.co.uk/

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