One weird looking god...Fukurokuju is depicted with an extremely high forehead (equal in length to the entire rest of his body) and is usually accompanied with a turtle and a crow. He is the Japanese Shinto god of wisdom, luck and longevity and is a member of the Shichi Fukujin. It's a good thing he's lucky...cause, boy, is he ugly!

(Also Fukurokujin)

It is believed that he is three gods rolled into one: Happiness (Fuku), Wealth (Roku), and Longevity (Ju). He was a Chinese hermit of the Sung Dynasty who was a reincarnation of the Taoist god Hsuan-Wu. He was a Sennin - a Chinese philosopher who can exist without eating any food. He is the only god among the Shichifukujin credited with being able to revive the dead. Usually accompanied by a tortoise, a snake, a stork, or a white deer. He loved chess.

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