An opensource Everquest server emulator that runs under Linux and Windows.

Open FreeQuest Servers

Note: FreeQuest Servers are often up and down on a whim

To play on a Freequest server you must...

1. Find a server that is up.
2. Have the owner create an account for you
3. Delete eqmain.dll from your everquest directory
4. Overwrite eqgame.exe with an older version that is floating around on irc.
5. Download eqw and extarct it un your everquest directory.
6. Run eqw, specify the server ip, username, password.
7. Create a character and play as normal...err kinda.

Freequest Does Have:

Simple Combat and NPCS
Item Summoning
Memorizing Spells (No Spell Effects, Testing Only)
Other Stuff

Freequest Does Not Have:


Get EQW:

The newest version is available at
An older version you might try if you have problems is at

Note: EQW must be run with 16 bit (256) color.

Get Old EQGame.exe

Freequest Without EQW

Simply run everquest from the commandline by running eqgame patchme

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