A space combat simulator for the PC by Volition Inc, in which the player is a pilot for the Galactic Terran Alliance. An alien race called the Shivans is the enemy, and the GTA must ally with their former enemies, the Vasudans in order to save themselves from destruction. Also refered to as: Descent: FreeSpace

Freespace is one of the best games I have played.

Freespace is a space flying simulation, as odd as that sounds, as it would be really hard to accuratley simulate two or three or four spaceships hurtling at each other, without taking from fiction.

Basically the story of Freespace is thus: there is a war between an alien race and the humans, but soon a strange new alien race attacks both the races (human and alien) and forces them into the first great war of space.

The game's story really pulses with tension and power as you fight through the war. You slowly go through it and get new ships and new weapons, to combat the new alien threat.

The game's fighting is a bunch of fun, with alot of different missions. This game is alot of fun and most sci-fi freaks will like this game, as will space combat simulation fans. This game shows one of the best space sim games ever!

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