Internet celebrity (but so much more). Native of Greenville, Tennessee. Fredryk Phox's initial claim to fame was a bunch of crude Flash animations that were, well, let's just say less than nice towards the furry fandom and furries in general. But his real fame was cemented with a single video, simply entitled, fredrykphox.wmv.

Basically, the ten minute (or so) video consisted of Fredryk acting a total re-re, sometimes in mock imitation of furries, sometimes just for the hell of it. Memorable quotes include:

"Pick rhymes with dick, and you're a faggot."

"Oh, snap dawg. This'll go good with mah jheri curl."

"I only listen to the highest quality gothic/industrial. Suck it."

And so on.

The video somehow made its way (as most things do) to Ebaum's World, and the rest, they say, is history.

Since the initial video, Fredryk has continued to release a steady stream of home-style shorts (which he shoots on MiniDV and edits on Sony Vegas), from mock music videos, to further indictments of the furry fandom, to video effect experiments, to actual serious dramatic pieces.

One of his more memorable videos is entitled TheWalmartInJohnsonCityThatIsASuperCenter.wmv, in which he and a fellow LiveJournal friend, Pengwins, make an epic trip of Lord of the Rings proportions to a distant Walmart to aquire a firewire cable (there are two or three sequels to this as well).

Fredryk also wrote, directed, and starred in his own short film entitled Summer Cabin. It's a black and white film in which a mute man (Phox) goes away to said cabin and is subsequently confronted with a zombie (also played by Phox). Summer Cabin proves Fredryk's talent at dramatic acting, as well as his knowledge of the camera and cinema.

Fredryk has yet to reach the fame of his initial Ebaum's World video, although his fanbase remains steady and loyal. A more recent attempt at reaching the internet masses, Fredryk Phox - TheAlbinoBlacksheepVideo.wmv (compiled from bits and pieces originally posted on his website), was well received, but failed to interest as many people.

Perhaps his most well known exploit since then was a masterfully staged conflict between LiveJournal users Scruggs and KhyberKitsune. Fredryk managed to get an entire legion of LiveJournal users to collectively berate Khyber, capitalising on the undying devotion of his loyal fans. The ongoing prank was featured both in videos by Phox and LiveJournal entries by all three participants. The conflict culminated at MFM 8 (Memphis Furry Meet) in 2004 where the final showdown between Scruggs and Khyber was filmed and the cat was ultimately let out of the bag. Hundreds, maybe thousands of LJ users were had, and it was all orchestrated by Fredryk Phox.

Fred has also created a series of funny short films detailing the early life and rise to fame of Eric "Ebaum" Bauman, starring Pengwins as Ebaum. They are a must see for any world(wide web)-weary traveller.

Fredryk is also an accomplished guitar player and recordist, currently compiling his first album (independantly) under the pseudo-band name Fredryk Phox and The Invesigators From Outer Space. He has cited his influences as Bob Geldof and The Smiths, among others, and these are certainly recognisable in his music.

It's interesting to note how much Fredryk has matured over the years, not only as a filmmaker, but as a person as well. In the beginning, his videos consisted of so many different personas it was difficult to tell who the 'real' Fredryk Phox was. But over time, the true Fred has emerged, thanks mainly to videos such as the Walmart series, where Fredryk basically just bums around with friends, and sometimes alone. He still "acts the fool" on occasion, and it's still funny to watch, but the seasoned viewer is happy watching him whatever he's doing, be it acting, mucking about with camera effects, hanging out with friends, or speaking frankly to the camera.

Fredryk currently resides somewhere in California, where he moved not too long ago in hopes of breaking into the movie industry. He is currently on the cusp of releasing his first DVD, entitled The Fredryk Phox Show. From the look of the trailer and the screen-caps, we're in for quite a treat.

For all your Fredryk Phox updates, consult his LiveJournal: For an archive of videos and music and such, go here:

Note: I'm not, nor have I ever been, a LiveJournal user. Nor am I a furry (despite the name). Both of these groups have been introduced to me via following the career of Fredryk Phox from a distance.

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