Fred Dalton Thompson, in addition to being a second-term Republican senatorial representative of Tennesee, is a very accomplished character actor who can be spotted in countless films and TV show appearances. From 1985 to 1994, Thompson was a very busy man. Usually cast for his brooding, cynical, head-turned-down-and-eyes-peering-up-gaze, Thompson frequently went uncredited in his appearances, which were almost always very limited roles.

Some of the major movies he appeared in are: In the Line of Fire, Thunderheart, Cape Fear, Necessary Roughness, Class Action, Die Hard 2, and The Hunt for Red October. Some of his television appearances include Matlock, Roseanne, and Wiseguy.

The 6'5" Thompson is frequently cast to roles of rank and authority.

Interestingly, Thompson's first appearance in a film came in 1985, in the movie Marie. Thompson was cast as himself: a stud lawyer, at the time.

Also of note is Thompson's appearance in Oliver Stone's JFK. This time, his appearance was as neither actor nor politician: Stone's use of archival footage from the Watergate scandal captures a few shots of a young Fred Dalton Thompson while he was still a lawyer, part of a committee involved with the trial.

"Thompson is a strong supporter of a robust, multi-tier national missile defense", is an advocate of the idea of the "biennial budget", and supports the general expansion of much of the military.

Thompson has repeatedly insisted on a reform of campaign finance, citing specifically the adverse effects of "soft money" on the American electoral system. Though he is consistent and vehement in his calls for campaign finance reform, the large part of his party remains unresponsive.

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