The famous Budweiser lizards. They made their big debut during the Super Bowl (I forget which one). In short, Frank and Louie are sitting in the swamp while the Budweiser Frogs are present doing their "'Bud' 'Weis' 'Er'" pitch. Louie is jealous at the frogs because they got the job, and he didn't. Frank doesn't seem to care about whether he got the job or not. All he cares about is enjoying the swamp, looking at chicks ("Hey there good looking, bring me a Budweiser while you're up, huh?"), and drinking Bud.

Later commercials would introduce a ferret, whom I believe is Louie's punishment for being the way he is and plotting to kill the frogs. Only Frank can understand what the ferret was saying, so this could be the only logical explanation.

The frogs were never to be seen in another Budweiser commercial again (maybe they croaked). You may hear Frank and Louie on radio ads, but I don't ever recall seeing them on TV because the lizards were replaced with the "Whassup?" guys.

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