Frank Peretti is a Christian author in his 50s. He usually writes fiction novels dealing with events in the spiritual realm, though he has written children's stories and one non-fiction book as well.

Frank Peretti was born in Alaska, with a small injury on his neck. The doctors in his hometown denied both that the injury was dangerous and that it had anything to do with the poor circumstances of his birth. When his family moved to Seattle, Washington, the first doctor that looked at the young Peretti said that he needed surgery right away. The cystic hygroma and surgeries necessary to save his life left him with an embarrassing tongue condition. The kids he met at school made sure he didn't forget what sort of monster he looked like.

Somehow Frank Peretti managed to make it through his pre-college education, and began playing banjo with a local bluegrass band. He moved on from this to study English and Film at UCLA, then help his father pastor a church until 1983. In 1988, he completed his first novel, This Present Darkness, an "angels vs. demons" mystery/thriller. In 1989, Piercing the Darkness was released as a sequel, and the pair have sold over 3.5 million copies to date.

Frank Peretti has lived in the western United States for most of his life, and, despite his popularity, maintains a fairly simple lifestyle. He has a website at The books he has written are as follows:

From his website, Frank Peretti admits that his works have been influenced by those of (among others) Michael Crichton, which goes some distance in explaining Peretti's thriller style.

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