A fine Beat Happening song with summery vocals by Heather and a classic Beat Happening strum, from the Dreamy album.

Also a 1992 compilation on Simple Machines that is subtitled "A Tribute to Beat Happening". 12 songs by or about BH.

    "This is a tribute record celebrating the commen-sense, generosity, and ingenuity of:

    "Beat Happening - ferociously simple, raw and political, innocent and catty.

    "K Records - from self released cassettes of Beat Happening songs to tapes, 7"s and LPs, over the past decade K Records has developed into a vital force in the punk / pop underground. By rejecting the structures of corporate rock/punk and relying on creativity and common sense, K Records has become the prototype for many small independant labels - living proof that you don't have to be an expert or a money-grubbing ogre to put out great records.

    "Sasha Bruce Youthworks - a safe place for youth-at-risk in Washington, DC - a city where young black males have nearly as great a chance of going to jail or getting shot than finishing high school. With limited resources, Sasha Bruce provides support and guidance to teens in times of need.

    "All the bands have generously donated songs to this project. After manufacturing costs, all of the proceeds of the LP and 80% of the proceeds of the CD will go to Sasha Bruce House. And if you've ever wondered what "manufacturing costs" are, we've also included the recipe for LPs and CDs, to encourage those of you who are interested in music to learn bout a process that you've probably never thought of before.

    "x Power to the Little People x"

    - from the Fortune Cookie Prize insert

Track listing:

  1. The Cannanes "Tribute"
  2. Velocity Girl "Tales of Brave Aphrodite"
  3. Leaky Chipmunk "Our Secret" (Trish Matthews, Bob Weston, Bob Fay, Lou Barlow)
  4. Scrawl "Bad Seeds"
  5. Seaweed "Foggy Eyes"
  6. Kim, Thurston, and Epic "Black Candy"
  7. Geek "Night Moves On the Catwalk"
  8. Love Child "Ponytail"
  9. Unrest "I Love Calvin"
  10. Superchunk "Nancy Sin"
  11. Fish and Roses "Youth"
  12. Whorl "This Many Boyfriends" (the Beat Happening version of this song is titled "The This Many Boyfriends Club")

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