Forest County more or less lives up to it's name. It is located in Northwest Pennsylvania at the Southeast corner of God's Country. God's Country is a name given to North central Penna., because there's no one there but you and God. If you don't believe in God, you're on your own. At 428 square miles it is one of the smallest counties in Pennsylvania.

Forest County has had the largest number of murders per capita of any county in PA., but with a population less than 5000 no one is too concerned. There are probably more deer than people. The deer are everywhere and it isn't unusual to see a bear in your backyard. Forest County is considered 100% rural. Less than 18% of the breadwinners earn more than $50,000 annually. The inhabitants are 96% white, 2% black and 2% other.

The hunting and fishing are great. People come from the Pittsburgh area (100 miles Southwest) and Ohio (50-plus miles West) as well as New York state and the rest of Western Pennsylvania for hunting, fishing, camping and hiking. There is boating and canoeing on Tionesta Lake, Tionesta Creek and on the Clarion River and Allegheny River. The Flying W Ranch offers horseback riding in Kellettville. While you're in Kellettville you owe it to yourself to stop in at Cougar Bob's for a burger and a beer. There are plenty of ATV trails. In the spring and fall the Marienville VFD organizes the Tour De Forest, an ATV ride that covers over 50 miles of trails in the Allegheny National Forest. Cook Forest State Park which extends into Clarion County offers a very nice camping area with other recreational activities nearby.

Townships and largest towns:

The two largest towns in Forest County are Tionesta and Marienville.

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