For Hal

The ant's communal mind does not attract me:
the compulsion to geometry & hard work until death.
Not even agreement by unseen communication
commends itself. I am sorry, if this be the
residence of man's future I'll resign
my membership, renounce all claim
to language, reason, the legacies of History.

The path I clear leads elsewhere, picking out
stumps, tearing away underbrush to
easy & interdependant growth of
. The happines of taproots.
Connections underground & unrestricting.
Growth hopeful, unfolding each in its
especial way
. So be it, & my fellowship's
assured without question, my presence
immediate without effort

in no community
of indescipherable design

but an origin common & hopeful.

--from 3 Camp Poems
a Wintersunrise House Pamphlet

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