For Aaron

People talk of the hugeness of love
As if it were the vastness of ocean
Or the expanse of sky
That has always been there.
Love is not the hugeness of ocean
It is the smallness of a breath.
And love is made daily
Carefully crafted in little pieces
On one day you made me smile
On another, you held my hand when I was sad
These are small things.
They are not undying exploits
That will live in the memory of men
Knowing how lovely you find the color orange
Would not make the morning papers
But everytime I see orange, I am reminded of you
And the way you laughed when I
Attempted to amuse you with a funny voice.
If you have ever wondered why I love you
I could not give you a reason,
I could give you a thousand little reasons
That do not echo the vastness of ocean
or the expanse of sky
But to me are as essential as a breath.

--Me, 1999

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