The Fonz was a character on Happy Days. He was used well early on, contributing to stories as well as being funny and cool. Later on the series used Fonz solely for comedy relief. And the ultimate insult was issued when they had a a girl go for Richie instead of Fonz. His real girlfriend was Pinky Tuscadero. They had someone else as his girlfriend later on, but it was always really Pinky. He could fix any machinery with a simple smack. But the Fonz is oh so much more. He is a symbol of everything good about the fifties. He is an All-American Hero.

When everything's said and done, it all comes down to:

He's big. He's bad. He's Jewish.

Arthur "Fonzie" Fonzarelli was the extremely cool ulta-hip biker on the TV show Happy Days.

Fonzie was originally meant as a one time walk on, but became an instant sensation and was the meat of the show, but like Steve Urkel is to Family Matters. Fonzie was played by Henry Winkler and it is a role Winkler has been known by ever since.

Even though Fonzie is refered to by many as "cool", part of Fonzie's charm was that he had many characteristics that made him a nerd.

In Pulp Fiction we see characters refer to what Fonzie is... and Fonzie is cool.

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