Before you are two conference rooms. The one on your right has an engineering team and their normal, well-educated, eloquent and understanding manager. The one on the left has another engineering team, but we swapped their normal manager with a Folger's Crystal manager without telling them! The room on the right is having a productive meeting about deadlines and project priorities... but the room on the left... well, let's see if they noticed.

Folger's Manager .. So you have 7 priorities over here.
Lead Engineer 7 Priorities... are they in any particular order?
Folger's Manager No, they all have to be complete by the 1st. They're all your number one priorities.
Lead Engineer Right. Seven first priorities. How about the other side?
Folger's Manager Those are also your first priorities. If you can manage to fit them in, of course.
Lead Engineer Well, it's going to be a crunch to get those 7 done as it is..
Folger's Manager Oh! I just thought of something.. we need to have system logging in there too.
Lead Engineer Which one of the 7 is going to go, then?
Folger's Manager None of them, it shouldn't take too long..
Lead Engineer Right, so... *pokes the manager with a whiteboard marker* Hey! You're CRUNCHY! You're not our manager..!

Whoops! I guess they noticed this time.. but go ahead, try Folger's Crystal Managers! Your engineers probably won't notice the difference!

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