Foam letters are the forerunner of The Magnetic Poetry Kit - much more basic and much more fun.

They're actually designed for young children to play with in the bath or shower and when wet, stick to bathroom surfaces. They're like the plastic ones you get to put on the fridge, but bendier... and not magnetic.

It is harder to make sentences with foam letters - as each container has only about 30 letters - but more of a challenge.

The rule is that you have to use every letter, including undesirables like X and Z and create a phrase that makes sense.

My SO and I have had foam letters on our bathroom tiles over many successive houses and had some brilliant foam letter dialogue.

Similarly to E2, the simplicity of the idea is what makes it work. If it gets too complicated it loses a certain something.

Magnetic Poetry Kits have become too convoluted. It's like having an image or Website within a node - it just ruins the purity of the idea!

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