Flumserberg is the name of a ski resort along the Wallensee in canton St. Gallen, Switzerland. The name means Flums's mountain and oddly enough, there is a town called Flums nearby. There's nothing particularly spectacular about Flumserberg as a ski-resort. It has the requisite drop-dead gorgeous views of mountain scenery complemented by the blue waters of the Wallensee and the usual compendium of blue bunny runs, red intermediate pistes, and 'you must be joking' suicidal black runs. But, as they say in the real-estate business, location, location, location. Flumserberg is one of the largest ski-resorts within day-trip commuting distance of Zurich.

From Zurich's Hauptbahnhof, catch the early morning express train to Ziegelbrucke. You must change to the local train at Ziegelbrucke. You don't have to go as far as Flums, get off at the Oberterzen stop and catch the cable car up to Tannenboden (1391m), where you can find a range of lifts. The trip takes two hours in either direction, it is shorter by car, but parking at Flumserberg is a nightmare.

The mountain-side faces the North-East, so it's not unbearably sunny. The highest point you can reach by cable-car is the Leist peak (2222m), with a couple of black runs down. More manageable is the Maschgenkamm peak (2007m) which has two intermediate runs all the way down to Tannenboden or the sister resort-town of Tannenheim/Caueli (1160m). The mountain is part of the Spitzmeilen (2501m) group, and there are a number of beautiful hikes worth attempting in the summer. The bunny slopes with T-bars are clustered around Tannenboden. Most of the other slopes are served by two-four seater lifts or enclosed gondolas.

Flumserberg is very crowded on the weekends, the lower runs are generally packed and you can find yourself having to weave through dozens of people on your way down. Standing at the top of a run waiting for the 2 second launch window can be a tad bit frustrating. On the other hand, it is quite amusing to watch a four year old on runty skis make his way down a hill in a straight line and careen around another infant. Following a string of toddlers weaving their way behind an instructor is another of the simple pleasures sometime given to us. There isn't much of an apres-ski scene since most people end up travelling back to Zurich, but the bars do get busy at lunch-time.

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