Princess Florimel, or Flora. Fictional character depicted in Roger Zelazny's writing. Flora was a daughter of King Oberon and Lady Dybele of Amber.

She was described as a beautiful young woman with clear blue eyes and vivid hair which was either red or gold depending on personal interpretation of the text. Her colors were lavender and green. She was notable among the princesses for her flirtatiousness, lavish lifestyle and apparent pleasure derived from consorting with gentlemen and rogues throughout reality.

As Evelyn Flaumel, she maintained a luxurious home in upstate New York...Westchester, to be precise. There, she was attended by a maid named Carmella and kept six well-trained Irish wolfhounds as guard beasts.

Florimel played a supporting role in the Chronicles of Amber, most notably for being duped by her amnesiac brother, Corwin, at the epic's beginning. In following appearances, she demonstrated medical knowledge, political savvy, and participation in the climactic Patternfall War.

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