American drummer (1901-1962). Real name: Raul Mogollon. Born in Los Angeles to an alcoholic mother and an absentee father, he taught himself to play drums by watching older kids play drums and then imitating what they did on his mother's pots and pans.

He got picked up by an L.A. swing orchestra in 1925 -- the band leader insisted he change his name to something "less foreign." Flash was quickly picked up by a larger orchestra in L.A. and then made the jump to the big time, playing for two different swing bands in New York, where he appeared on four different records.

Unfortunately, the swing craze didn't last forever, and the stock market crash wiped out the meager savings he had accumulated, and Flash returned to Los Angeles, where he worked in small clubs. He also turned to drinking and cocaine, and his musical skills became more erratic.

After missing out on a number of gigs, he tried to clean himself up. For a while he was able to stay sober, working as a session musician on records for Frank Sinatra and Tony Bennett, but that small taste of success started Flash back on the white powder. He stabbed a stranger to death in a bar in 1955 and got sent up the river. He got out of the joint in 1960, went to work in a grocery store, and stayed sober.

In 1962, he tried his hand at drumming again (the first time since he'd been sent to prison) and was so disappointed in how he sounded that he did a swan dive out his tenth-floor apartment window and killed himself.

This is all fiction.

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