Fjellbekk is Norwegian for 'mountain stream', and norwegians usually associate a mountain stream with some of the best, purest glacier water. You can safely drink ANY mountain stream in Norway. The word is pronouced Fee-yell-beck. (The 'e' is pronounced as the 'e' in 'enter').
Fjellbekk is a drink. It is one of the best drinks I have ever tasted, refreshing without much trace of alcohol. Even though contains a lot of it. In some ways it's similar to Long Island Iced Tea.

3/4 oz (2 cl) Vodka
3/4 oz (2 cl) Aquavit (Løitens Linje)
3/4 oz (2 cl) Lime juice
7up or Sprite

Mix vodka, Aquavit and lime juice in a highball glass, top off with 7up / Sprite and stir briefly.

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