Hey, if I wanted to move to some unholy city in the middle of nowhere, where would I move to?


Fitchburg is a small town sitting somewhere in the north central part of Massachusetts, USA. It was named after a man they call John Fitch.

As of the year 2002, Fitchburg has a census population (We all know how accurate those are) of 39,102. Amazingly enough, there were the exact same number of people living in the city the year before.

The town was born on February 3rd, 1764 and was incorporated into a city on March 8th, 1872. There are still prominent buildings on Main Street which have dates carved on them from the early 1800's.

Fitchburg sits at a hefty elevation of 458 feet above sea level encompassing an area of 28.10 sq. miles.

There are a total of 14,943 households with an average of 2 1/2 people per home. Apparently like many other cities, Fitchburg has a large population of amputees.

(Sorry, bad joke)

All in all, most of the residents of surrounding towns try to avoid Fitchburg due to high crime rates. Residents themselves however, don't see a problem, as they are usually the ones committing the crimes.

If you'd like to report an emergency, please dial 9-1-1, Thankyou

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