A type of braid-like plait which is effective on long, thick hair: the hair is split into two sections, and with alternating sections. To do this, gather the hair at the back of the head. Split it into two equal sections. Then, take a consistently small section of hair from behind one section, run it around the outside and across to the other section, where it is assimilated. Repeat with the other side. Keep it relatively tight and as consistent as possible. This will turn out wider than a normal braid, and look different. People will think you're good at this kind of thing, and ask you to do their hair. So look out.

Fish"-tail` (?), a.

Like the of a fish; acting, or producing something, like the tail of a fish.

Fish-tail burner, a gas burner that gives a spreading flame shaped somewhat like the tail of a fish. -- Fish-tail propeller Steamship, a propeller with a single blade that oscillates like the tail of a fish when swimming.


© Webster 1913.

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