An idea I came up with the other day- a tournament in which the main entry requirement is that it is (big surprise) your first time. It could apply to any sport or game for which there are tournaments but for an example I will use chess.

Of course, there would be many very new chess players. Someone learns to play chess, they want to get into a tournament, so they go to a First Tournament. But there will be others- people have known how to play for a long time and have been practicing. They're not there to finally get used to tournaments, they're there to win. If the tournament is meant for newbies, chances are that someone who has learned and practiced and bided his time will stand a pretty good chance of doing quite well.

But you only get one shot, because once you've been in a First Tournament you can never do it again (without a fake identity, etc.). So how long do you wait? Do you go as soon as you know how to play? Do you get fairly good and hope to stand a fair chance? Or do you practice for years and years to become a chess (or whatever) playing ninja, in hopes of bursting upon the scene and winning a huge prize right off the bat?

Just a thought.

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