In Huxley's Brave New World, Bernard Marx must participate in a biweekly orgy. It involves six males and six females, and all twelve sit around a circle. Drums and synthetic music play, the President of the Group distributes soma, and the twelve sing the Hymn.

Ford, we are twelve; oh, make us one,
Like drops within the Social River
Oh, make us now together run
As swiftly as thy shining Flivver

Next, the group passes the soma cup a second time. When one drinks from the chalice, one says, "I drink to the Greater Being."

Come, Greater Being, Social Friend,
Annihilating Twelve-in-One!
We long to die, for when we end,
Our larger life has but begun

The cup goes around a third time, and each exclaims, "I drink to the imminence of His Coming."

Feel how the Greater Being comes!
Rejoice and, in rejoicings, die!
Melt in the music of the drums!
For I am you and you are I.

The President now stops the music and a baritone, robotic Voice says, "Oh, Ford, Ford, Ford." The members of the group take up the chant. The soma kicks in, and several say, "I hear him."

Orgy-porgy, Ford and fun,
Kiss the girls and make them One.
Boys at one with girls at peace;
Orgy-porgy gives release.

The twelve chant "Orgy-porgy," and the orgy begins. Bernard fakes his seeing the Great One and reluctantly perticipates in the group sex.

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