rightback; hear tropicportentful tale starboarded fishinfanciful ship. The Mate, Finnegan, erstwhile sailor man; the Skipper, bravenshore, Hale hardy fellow; sorrowful mystallied passengers (sitcomjoyful also) set sail that jour for a three hour tour.

The weather (skadadatararaboomdeebignoyzeangelsbowlingrouspteeringettewheelskersncracponcrafabortomshiapklepbaduk!) started getting rough, badjoss toss'd and near-lossed goodtinyshipminnow, tweret not for the fearlesscrewcouragestickingplace.

The ship setshore oncharted desert isle, uncivilized mandeville, with Finnegan, the Skipper too hornel hornel pipe pipe, the Millionaire and his femanithings, the moviestart, Professor Bloomfeldt and Molly B., heron Finnigans Island, which t'ear howarrived, jussit

A slight variation of this was published years ago, in Beneath the Surface. By me, of course.

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