Today I discovered the next best thing since sliced bread and it is Finetti.

Labeled as a "hazelnut spread with cocoa" what caught my attention, after reading the label for about two minutes as I am known to do when doing groceries, was that Ferrero Rocher helped in the development of this product. And Ferrero just makes the best hazelnut sweets.

Fenetti is made by Cream Line, a Greek sweets company and tastes exactly like Nutella but is priced 2/3rds less than Nutella.

It comes in small dipping style cups from 200 grams to a whopping 1 Kilo bucket. If you are addicted to Nutella as I am, you should try Finetti, if you just look beyond the weird cyrillic letters and the arab writing on the label, I suppose it is imported to all over the world, you will find the best and cheapest alternative to Nutella.

I can't believe it's not Nutella.

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