A hip band of Bith musicians that plays in the cantinas of Mos Eisley. The band is led by Figrin D'an, Kloo Horn player and sabacc gambler. Ickabel G'ont, who's favorite song is "Tears of Aquanna" plays the Fanfar, and Tech M'or is a master of the Ommni Box.

Other band members include Nalan Cheel playing the Bandfill, Doikk N'ats on the Dorenian Beshnequil, and another Fanfar player, Tedn Dehai. Lirin Car'n is a back up Kloo Horn player.

When Luke Skywalker enters the cantina, the Modal Nodes are playing "Mad About Me", one of their favorite songs.

Also see Modal Nodes.

Appearances in Star Wars, Episode IV: A New Hope.
The Modal Nodes

The Modal Nodes, a seven member band that once played at Jabba the Hutt's palace, are from the planet Bith. Leadman for the Nodes is Fiery Figrin D'an, a compulsive gambler and expert on the kloo horn and the gasan string drum. The other members of the band are: Doikk Na'ts who plays the Dorenian Beshniquel, Ickabel G'ont and Tedn Dahai who play fanfars, Tech Mo'r on the Ommni Box , and Nalan Cheel on the horn bell-bedecked bandfill. Also from time to time Lirin Car'n sits in as a kloo horn backup.

This band like many others had many conflicts with one and another. One that often came up was Firgin's gambling problems, that would usually end with him losing the bands earnings and/or instruments.

But even after everything that went wrong, the band was popular enough to land several long jobs, such as their work at the Mos Eisley Cantina. Even Jabba the Hutt was very enlightend by the Nodes music, until his taste for music changed. After the death of Jabba they left the planet in search of a new job, though they traveled the galaxy insearch of fame and fortune for many years, fame continues to elude them.

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