"Your opponent tries to hit you, but your shield blocks the blow! Blood, sweat, and tears, just like in RPG fights."

FightMaster was a cool game for Commodore 64, written in Commodore BASIC and published in MikroBITTI (Need to find the author). It didn't had any graphics or sound, it was all in text (in Finnish, actually).

Yet, it was just like a cool RPG fight simulator: You created a character (with Strength, Dexterity and Constitution attributes, a la Dungeons & Dragons), bought equipment, and fought against computer or another player character. If you won, you got money; If you lost, the character was erased from disk.

I later did some modifications - I added graphic character-based graphics for it, and tweaked the item prices and starting money a bit so that the game wouldn't be so goddamned hard to start.

(::WWWWolf's blush can be seen through the fur::) We also cheated often by either interrupting the game before the dead character was erased... and used un-scratch program to restore erased characters.

Some of my friends got boundlessly amused by some types of cheap armor in the game... "Leather jacket", "riveted cap"...

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