In the Star Trek universe, Ferenginar is the homeworld of the Ferengi, and is governed by The Ferengi Free Trade Alliance (sometimes called the Ferengi Alliance).

Ferengi culture is misogynistic capitalist to a sometimes comical degree. Prior to circa 2275, female Ferengi were not allowed to wear clothing, earn profit, speak to strangers, or travel without permission. It is standard for a dying Ferengi to auction off his body in small pieces for a final bit of profit. Unions, workers' rights, and similar ideas did not exist on Ferenginar until Grand Nagus Zek began to implement the changes under the influence of Ishka (Quark's mother), which presumably were continued by his successor Rom.

According to the non-canon book Legends of the Ferengi, it's claimed that the two poles of Ferenginar were traded to the Breen in exchange for warp capability.

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