A group of villains published by DC Comics. The Female Furies were created by Jack Kirby and first appeared in Mister Miracle #6.

The Female Furies are an elite band of fighters culled from the toughest and most ruthless warriors in Granny Goodness's orphanages. The all-female attack squad is used by both Granny Goodness and the ruler of Apokolips, Darkseid.

Originally, the group was led Big Barda, but she fell in love with Scott Free, the son of Inzya, the Highfather of New Genesis. She followed him to Earth, and the Female Furies were sent to retrieve Big Barda. After clashing with their former leader, the members of the group agreed to aid Barda and returned with her and Free, who had adopted the identity of Mister Miracle, to Apokolips to fight for their freedom. The Female Furies eventually returned to the service of Darkseid.

In more recent years, the Female Furies have clashed with the group of villains-turned-government-agents known as the Suicide Squad in an attempt to retrieve Glorious Godfrey after his failed attempt to rid the Earth of all heroes. They have also clashed with the Justice League, Supergirl, and Mister Miracle.

The members of the Female Furies apart from Big Barda include:

  • Bernadeth: Sister of Darkseid's right hand man, Desaad. Bernadeth leads the Female Furies after the departure of Big Barda. She shares her brother's love of evil and pain and is a skilled leader though she often clashes with fellow member Lashina. Bernadeth's perferred weapon is the fahren knife, that causes those stabbed with it to self-immolate from the inside out.
  • Lashina: A powerhouse whose preferred weapons are the lashes that adorn her costume. Lashina's lashes have a variety of effects.

    Lashina is ambitions and desires the position of leader of the Female Furies currently held by Bernadeth. When the Female Furies came to free the Glorious Godfrey from the hands of the Suicide Squad, Bernadeth attempted to kill Lashina. Lashina was knocked into the swamp surrounding the Suicide Squad's headquarters. She later returned to help the Squad calling herself Duchess and armed with a high-powered, high caliber weapon of her own design. She stayed with the Squad feigning amnesia, until she deemed the time was right. She then kidnapped members of the Squad and returned to Apokolips to gain her revenge on Bernadeth. Lashina killed Bernadeth, but Bernadeth was resurrected by Darkseid. He then killed Lashina to punish her for overstepping her bounds. He has since resurrected her.

  • Mad Harriet: A psychopathic warrior, Mad Harriet spends a good deal of her time inflicting pain on her victims and cackling. Mad Harriet is armed with energy spikes that cover her fists, allowing her to punch through nearly any substance or energy field.
  • Stompa: Suited up with heavy metal gunboots, Stompa's main attack is a kicking attack that is capable of leveling buildings. Not the brightest member of the Female Furies, Stompa is rather direct in her attacks, but effective none the less.
  • Artemis: The most recent member of the Female Furies, Artemis uses a bow armed with high energy arrows. She also employs a pack of cybernetically enhanced hounds, to hunt and attack her prey

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