Short observation about cats:

Have you ever noticed that your cat sits in the middle of whatever you are doing? Even as I write this node, my cat is sitting on my dining room table: Half on my laptop, the other half a mishmash of cables, batteries, papers, napkins, Ziploc bags, and pens. "Surely," I said to myself, "the cat cannot be comfortable." I think it was my mother who mentioned to me once that cats purr when they are either happy or in pain (thus making cats quite masochistic).

Here I have in front of me a cat who with that comfortable purring look, is laying on a rat's nest of assorted items. Putting the aforementioned facts together, i cannot help but conclude that my cat suffers from a fairly common disorder i like to call "Feline Reverse Comfort Syndrome," the state of a cat being comfortable in places where no person ever could.

Many cats like to lay in the middle of a book, a pile of papers, or even a puzzle. Some think it is to get attention, others think it is to be cute. I think, its because they have not the capacity to reason comfort!!! Surely they do not go through so much inconvenience for their own amusement. (Devious little creatures as they are). My old cat was happy as a clam rolling around in the driveway! The last time I rolled on the pavement was after a nice bicycle accident in my teenage years, from which i still think i have the scars. Strange.

Does your cat suffer from such? There is no known cure, except to say "Shoo, I am busy, you dumb cat!", many times on end. Even making it visibly clear of its folly, does not discourage the cat. I can fully understand the cat's disposition to be ornery for its own amusement. I have a girlfriend who adores cats, and exibits similar behavior. That however, is another node entirely...

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