Decided to leave relaxing piano music on before I went to bed last night. Woke up several times, but didn't turn it off for some reason. Yesterday a neighbor of mine stopped by to see if I wanted to go out for tea/coffee. When she suggested a shop downtown I asked if we could go to a shop that was closer to the grocery store since I needed a few things. She had never been to that store before so it took us a while to get through it. Sunday afternoon I went through the money situation for the month of February (I accidentally typed moth and now I'm thinking about the moth of February) and got a foolproof plan together. But while I was at the grocery store, and then at the thrift store, and then at the grocery store again, and again, my fabulous plan got derailed.

My usual habit is to buy a lot of fruits and vegetables, some chicken, and go to a bunch of different stores for a couple of things at each store. It made me nervous buying regular hamburger and pork chops that were on sale. I don't regret either of those purchases too much, but I spent way too much stocking up on items. Another thing that hurt me was not sticking to my list that I remembered to bring with me. I bought myself a new backpack for school. That was a smart buy since now my book, binder, notes, and pencil/dry erase marker/plastic tooth bag fits into one confined space. It was only eight dollars, but then I went back and bought another one for my oldest.

I bought two bags of both apples and oranges when one would have sufficed. The grocery store is across town, not on some distant planet that I will never be able to access again. I found a pair of petite scrub pants at Goodwill. I had a five dollar off coupon which was nice, but means I spend a lot of money there to accumulate those points. My neighbor talked me into a Magic Bullet and I agreed since we make a lot of smoothies and I feel like it's time consuming, wasteful, and my regular blender takes up a lot of counter space. The whole thing was only seven dollars, my oldest assembled her smoothie ingredients last night and drank her smoothie this morning so I felt like that was money well spent, but that means I need to find a place to store my blender and the accessories for the Magic Bullet. 

Over the weekend I put my personal paperwork in a pile. I was able to throw away some college notes and membership to a history club along with a pin I received and have never worn. It was hard to part with those things. Harder still to know what to keep and what to toss in this area. Does anyone care that I once scribbled on paper in kindergarten? Do I need/want to save things my children did when they were in school? Is this my decision, or theirs? Update; I found a binder that Jill has from school with sections for each of her years there. That school is so organized it blows my mind. Now I know Jane will be coming home with a binder of her own when she graduates next year which gives me a lot of piece of mind and an idea of how to amalgamate my own school things if I choose to save them (doubtful).

Hung laundry with my youngest and shoveled snow first thing this morning with my oldest. We kept up with it so it wasn't too bad. Salting and sanding the driveway has made a noticable difference, but I'm almost out of salt so now I have to make a decision about whether to buy more this year when it's on sale, or wait until next year. Frustrated with my oldest who printed out every page of a Dungeosn and Dragons handbook, went into her room to find hundreds of pages that she printed in the trash. Also frustrated with my ex who said he would pay fridge repair bill and hasn't which means I got the ninety day notice. Going to pay the bill myself and write him off as the irresponsible and immature ex I'm fortunately not married to any longer (wipes sweat off brow and tears off of cheeks).

Could write more, but need to get these calls made so I can get off of Procrastination Island. Hope everyone is well...


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