I was a sorcerer's apprentice who was going through a rite of passage in order to gain special powers. I was alone in a large hall, which was about two times as long as it was wide. There was a large bell with a rope attached to it on one of the long sides. On the floor I placed a semicircle of candles, with the bell as its centre.

I grabbed hold of the rope, and said "Dark!" to the voice-controlled computer.1 The lights went out, and the curtains of the windows were drawn, making it completely dark. I tugged the rope repeatedly, making the bell sound, and initiating the ritual.

The next thing I was supposed to do, was lighting the candles. I realized that finding the candles in complete darkness would be almost impossible. This led me to the conclusion that the whole point of the ritual was to demonstrate my ESP abilities, so that I could find the first candle in the dark. I concentrated, and tried very hard, but failed. I told the computer to turn on the lights again, and spent the rest of the dream in a futile attempt to have one candle lit before the initiation of the ritual.

1 I know that voice-controlled computers are a little bit odd in dreams having to do with sorcery. But I was semi-lucid, and knew that I was going to wake up soon, so I thought that one up in order to save time.

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