The Daylog: 12-Feb-2012

Nodeslam is an E2 side-project by RoguePoet with hosting support from Two Sheds. I'll be cross-posting these entries on an off-site blog at

You may recall that we originally created that blog for an E2-to-audio project during the Decaversary celebration. This is another experiment. Same domain name, different idea. If by some miracle you're still subscribed to that RSS feed: bless ya.

Found myself wishing again that E2 had a "best shit from yesterday" column. Decided to write it myself. ~MWK/RP

ENN says 12 w/us were posted to Everything2 on 12-Feb-2012. Among them...

The Custodian posted a writeup on the Lost Horizon Night Market, which starts out sounding like a New York Magician story but turns out to be a real thing...

"One truck was the Fairy Godmother's Tea. Entering in groups of 8 or so, you would cluster around a counter at the front end of the truck where a nice young woman (your fairy Godmother) interrogated a volunteer as to what they were looking for in life, and proceeded to cast a fairy godmother spell via the making of a complex and relevant sandwich."

It was the last day of ScienceQuest 2012, and Argentinian noder latamyk sumbitted a brief node on A Liter of Light, an appropriate technology foundation spreading the idea of "solar bulbs": a kind of clever mini-skylight that refracts light through a column of water to create free daylight illumination.

"The concept behind the project is so straightforward you won't believe it: transparent plastic (water or soda) bottles filled with purified or distilled water and bleach. That's it. Oh, well, and some holes in the roof."

It pulled in 4C!s and a spot on Cream of the Cool.

Tem42 posted a factual w/u on Nomen oblitum, which gives a small look into the careful & hyper-specialized process by which hundred-year-old taxonomy discrepancies are resolved.

"Another famous example is the genus Megalosaurus, which was originally described by Richard Brookes in 1763. He called it Scrotum humanum, because the available fragment of femur had rounded bulbs on the end that he thought looked like a human scrotum."

Rounding out the rest: Zephronias posted another Faust & the Fallen Angel story, if you're following them. (I've kind of lost interest.) BranRainey posted a review of 6 Days a Sacrifice that reminded me that Yahtzee Croshaw of Zero Punctuation is also an interactive-fiction writer. (Have made a solid note to check that out sometime. Thanks, dude!) Also, a poem from etouffee, more factuals by JD, Tem42, and Glowing Fish, and some postcard fiction from 0-Level noder LeftUnspoken.

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