A collective of various electronic music artists, based out of Austria. They have released various extremely experimental recordings, mostly on compact disc rather than vinyl, as is the convention with many European electronic music artists. This is because of the highly digital nature of their music. It consists of many bleeps and blips, many times devoid of rhythm.

Their recent albums have been noted for their exploitation of the "shuffle play" feature of CDs, as it is possible to play the tracks in any order.

In print CDs are "fsck" and the double CD "Explorers_We". Their web presence is enigmatic and convoluted, but some exploring at their web site http://web.fm/ or http://web.fm/thisisfm could be helpful. Similar artists include the San Francisco based Matmos and Marcus Poppe, AKA Oval.


June 96: No Backup (CD)
August 96: Farmer's Manual (vinyl)
October 96: Does Not Compute (vinyl)
April 97: Five (compilation - CD)
August 97: Fsck (CD)
1998: Explorers_We (double CD)

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