Farley Mowat is an extremely prolific and well-respected (if not always well-liked) Canadian author specializing in nature and the North. He was born in 1921 in Belleville, a small town in rural Ontario. Later in his boyhood his family moved to Saskatchewan, where he became very much the young naturalist, exploring the outdoors and keeping a number of unusual pets (including an owl and a rattlesnake) as well as his dog Mutt who was later immortalized in "The Dog Who Wouldn't Be".

Mowat's writing career started at the age of 13 when he wrote a weekly nature column for the Saskatoon Star-Phoenix. After returning from service with the Canadian Army in World War 2 he got a job researching wolves in northern Canada, to determine if they were responsible for shrinking caribou populations. His findings that wolves were not savage killers but in fact had complex social behaviours and only occasionally killed caribou were not well-received by the government but provided the basis for his world-famous book "Never Cry Wolf". Since then, his writing has covered wildlife and environmental issues ranging from whaling to African gorilla poaching, as well as a number of topics in Canadian history, especially the far north, explorers, and Native peoples.

In 1985, Mowat was prevented from entering the United States by the INS, under the McCarran-Walter Act (basically because his writings criticized U.S. government policies). He was so incensed that he vowed to never re-enter the country unless the President personally apologised to him.

Farley Mowat lived for years in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, with his wife Claire. He died on May 7, 2014 at the age of 92.

A (to my knowledge) complete listing of Mowat's published works:

People of the Deer (1952)
The Regiment (1955)
Lost in the Barrens (1956)
The Dog Who Wouldn't Be (1957)
Coppermine Journey: An Account of a Great Adventure (1958)
Grey Seas Under (1959)
The Desperate People (1959)
Ordeal by Ice (1960)
Owls in the Family (1961)
The Serpent's Coil (1961)
The Black Joke (1962)
Never Cry Wolf (1963)
Westviking: The Ancient Norse in Greenland and North America (1965)
The Curse of the Viking Grave (1966)
The Polar Passion: The Quest for the North Pole, with Selections from Arctic Journals (1967)
Canada North (1967)
This Rock Within the Sea: A Heritage Lost (1968)
The Boat Who Wouldn't Float (1969)
Sibir: My Discovery of Siberia (1970)
A Whale For The Killing (1972)
Tundra: Selections from the Great Accounts of Arctic Land Voyages (1973)
Wake of the Great Sealers (1973)
The Snow Walker (1975)
Canada North Now: The Great Betrayal (1976)
And No Birds Sang (1979)
The World of Farley Mowat (1980; short fiction collection)
Sea of Slaughter (1984)
My Discovery of America (1985)
Virunga: The Passion of Dian Fossey (1987) (Re-published as "Woman in the Mists: The Story of Dian Fossey and the Mountain Gorillas of Africa", 1988)
The New Founde Land: A Personal Voyage (1989)
Rescue the Earth (1990)
My Father's Son: Memories of War and Peace (1992)
Born Naked (1993)
Aftermath (1995)
The Farley Mowat Reader (1997; selected readings)
The Farfarers (1998)
Walking On The Land (2000)


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