I don't even know were to begin with this one. Jackie Chan is the supposedly the star, but he is in it for 20 minutes. The plot is invisible, the special effects aren't, and the movie feels like David Lynch meets Ed Wood, and they both gave up! For example, the film takes place during WWII, but the climax features Japanese soldiers attacking, in Road Warrior garb, on top of 1970's Buicks, emblazoned with Swastikas.

There are rumors that Jackie Chan was in this movie because he had to act in it to fulfil a debt he owed a mob boss. This movie can be summed up in six words: pink go-go boots and matching rocket-launcher. (and no, not on or belonging to jackie chan. although the way this movie went, that might've just improved it!) A truly terrible film, it was *too bad* to be MST3K'd.

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