A collection of Science fiction/fantasy short stories elaborating on Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass.

Edited and with an introduction by Margaret Weis.
Stories by:

Lawrence Watt-Evens -- Something to Grin About
Gary A. Braunbeck -- The Rabbit Within
Roger Zelazny -- Epithalamium
Bruce Holland Rogers -- A Common Night
Robin Wayne Bailey -- Cocoons
Lawrence Schimel -- Hollywood Squares
Janet Asimov -- Another Alice Universe
Janet Pack And With Finesse
Tobin Larson -- Alice's Adventures in the Underground Railroad
Jody Lynn Nye -- Muchness
Lisa Mason -- Transformation and the Postmodern Identity Crisis
Jane M. Lindskold -- Teapot
Mickey Zucker Reichert -- Who Killed Humpty Dumpty
Connie Hirsch -- Wonderland Express
Kevin T. Stein -- Waiting For the Elevator
Peter Crowther -- Conundrums to Guess
Esther M. Friesner -- A Pig's Tail

I'm not going to comment on all of the stories--some I like a lot, some I only like a little. But two I'll mention specifically -- 'Who Killed Humpty Dumpty' by Mickey Zucker Reichert is one of the best, very Carrollsian. Bruce Holland Rogers gets honorable mention for the poem contained in his story -- The Tiger and the Engineer. Carroll would be proud of it.

All and all, a highly recommended book.

ISBN 0-441-00634-5

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