My Favorite Holiday

This is going to be a descriptive essay. The topic chosen by the author is something that has an impact on every Americans life. The topic is the Fourth of July holiday. Now this day has a significant meaning in every Americans heart based solely on the fact that it is our nations independence day. This is the day that is recognized throughout the nation as the day that we earned our freedom and the right to call ourselves citizens of a free nation. Almost every family in the United States of America celebrates this holiday in some way or another. This essay will describe the activities that my family plans for this special day.

My family is very patriotic and believes that our national holidays should be observed with great diligence and respect for the people that made this day possible. Usually the morning of this special day is commemorated with a prayer at breakfast. The family gathers at my grandmothers’ house for this meal. She is a great cook and everybody loves her food. There are always several items on the menu for breakfast. She can cook French toast for the kids; pancakes or the traditional staple of a Mexican diet including tacos made of either beans or chorizo and eggs. The variety of meal items is breath taking.

The after noon of this day is spent watching the children pop their fireworks and making sure that nothing goes wrong. Usually however, someone ends up being burned or hurting their ears based on the explosions of the fireworks. This usually entails someone placing blame on the caretaker of the children. It used to be me all the time getting blamed for their mishaps, but now that I am older, my cousins are usually in charge of the younger kids. Every year I feel like a great burden has been lifted off my back since I no longer have this responsibility. Along with age comes other responsibilities however, as recently I have been granted the opportunity to become better acquainted with the process of preparing and cooking the food that is to be served in the evening. This responsibility usually includes preparing the chicken and the meat. Now this responsibility is something that I thoroughly enjoy because food is a very interesting subject for me. I love the way someone looks after tasting my excellent prepared bar-b-que. This portion often concludes with everyone sitting around the dinner table and talking about the wonderful meal and the importance of the day.

When the evening approaches, the family pays their respects to the older generation and heads home to their respective houses. Since it is the Fourth of July, several members of the family usually meet at my house to make the voyage to McAllen to witness the giant fireworks display held there. My aunt has a Durango and we can all fit quite confortably in it. The people that go include my mother, my aunt and her husband and their three kids. The children seem to be quite fond of the massive explosions that take place in the sky. Their faces light up as if it was Christmas morning. The sheer joy can be seen on their tiny faces. They are the reason that we go every year and the feelings of happiness that they get make the trip worth it. On the way home they always fall asleep as the exhaustion sets into their little bodies. The future after all, is what the Fourth of July is all about. So many people fought and lost their lives so that the younger generations would have a better place to live.

From what I can conclude, my families’ celebrations on the Fourth of July holiday seem to be typical. Every family has their own way of celebrating or commemorating holidays' and this just happens to be one example of a family united in joy and celebration. The future generations must never forget the importance of this day and the history behind it. It is a very significant part of our history and it is something that will always live on. A very special day to commemorate many special people that fought for the freedom of so many people. No one must ever be allowed to forget that.

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