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dark hair = dark eyes = tall = skinny = bored

So you want to know the story on the name Jiggy Juice. Well it all started one day about two weeks ago. I was at a friends house and he still has his satellite with the burned card. Lucky bastard. The cable company took away my satellite and my card. Now what the card does is allow you watch all pay per views and get every singel channel available for free. So anyway i was watching television at his house and just flipping thru the channels when I came across a cheap porno titled Jiggy Juice. The plot was about a black man that has invented a potion to get all these ladies to fall in love with him. It was a pretty silly notion but one that seemed to make the film much more enjoyable. To make a long story short, I have enjoyed saying Jiggy Juice ever since that time. It has absolutely no meaning but when you hear a mexican like me saying it, it can be very funny.

All I Want For Christmas Is A C!
All I Want For Christmas Is A C!