Also He-Man's evil twin created by Skeletor. He was a robot who was identical to He-Man, but had orange hair and blue skin. He also had a power sword which was orange.

In the toyline, he is as described above, but also had dark purple FURRY UNDERWEAR with matching boots. He was of the He-Man mold with Skeletor's armour painted orange. IIRC, when you took off his armour, there was a sticker on his chest that had "machinery" on it. This was probably the only clue that he was a robot as a toy.

Fak"er (?), n. [Often erroneously written fakir.]

One who fakes something, as a thief, a peddler of petty things, a workman who dresses things up, etc. [Slang]


© Webster 1913

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