The current trend in fast, expensive cars is to have them tuned and modified by the manufacturer's approved garage - those of you who played Gran Turismo should know exactly what I mean. For those who don't, the cars get tuned to provide maximum racing performance and tend to involve anything from putting a modified computer chip in the cars to fully re-doing the engine.

Tuning and customizing the car is expensive, so eventually wannabe boyracers get stupid enough to just stick a sticker on their respective cars. I thought the worst case it would ever come to would be seeing an '86 CRX with a paper Mugen Powered sticker neerly peeling off the rear bumper, struggling to do 80km/h uphill on the motorway, when the following gem parked outside Uni:

A '94 Honda Prelude, with a huge spoiler, body kit and a large cellphone aerial sticking from the back. Now, these cars are reasonable common sight in Auckland (New Zealand), so it wouldn't generally attract much attention if not for the following - it had a huge TRD sticker on the rear bumper.

I was speechless for a while. Is this the case where the owner bought a "Make Your Car Look Expensive in under 10 Minutes" kit and accidently got the wrong sticker in the box? Or is this somebody's revenge upon the owner? Or perhaps this is the revenge upon all those who stick fake badges on their cars ... One could only guess.

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