Well, following the associative method of E2, I submit another of my fairy tale series. (see Variation on a Theme by Auden) These are haiku in the sense that they follow the 5-7-5 pattern. Other than that, they don’t exactly treat of traditional haiku topics--though lots of modern haiku don't. I therefore call them:


Cinderella broods
Feet stuck in crystal slippers:
Visible bunions.

Sleeping Beauty wakes,
Smooth prince bending over her.
She calls 911

Hansel and Gretel
Traipsing through the forest dark
Fated litterbugs.

Pity poor Snow White:
The mirror steals her image,
hands her Odwalla

Beauty seeks Big Beast,
Must be hunk, but generous,
Large castle preferred.

Bluebeard dates a girl,
Takes her to the highest tower
Where chicks all hang out.

Rapunzel bored stiff,
contemplates a pixie cut,
cheaper than a prince

Princess and the Pea
Vegetarian delight
Could have been tofu.

Big, middle, just right
Goldilocks had super taste
in porridge and bears

She developed Alzheimer’s:
Rumplestiltskin cheered.

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