Quite probably the single most boring place in Minnesota if not the United States. Although there are 10,000 people, there are more things to do in the town of 100 a few miles away. Parents are so "dedicated" to their children that they go way overboard. The only arcade in town was shutdown a few years ago because a group of mothers decided that too many kids spent too much of their time there when they should be doing homework. See Fairmont High School also for another example. These and many other attempts at protecting the kids has produced an environment where kids have nothing to do. There is no place to hang out, so they are forced to do whatever they can to entertain themselves. This IMHO, is why Fairmont has some of the highest rates of STDs, pregnant teens, gang activity, and drugs in the state. When they have nothing else to do, they turn to sex and drugs for something to take up their free time. What started out as movements to protect kids turned out to hurt them. Unfortunately, no one else apparently sees this, so I guess Fairmont is doomed.

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