FSTV (Fast Scan Television) is what moving pictures are called when they is sent by radio amateurs on the amateur bands. This is to distinguish it from SSTV (Slow Scan Televison), which is used to transmit still pictures.

Radio amateurs can't set up regular TV stations for the general public to view, but they are allowed to use any and all means of establishing two-way radio communication, as long as they are not violating any licence regulations, and that their mode of communication is documented publicly. So some radio amateurs buy camcorders and build some special hardware to interface it with their radios. They use it as a kind of wireless video telephone to talk to each other, and maybe show each other what their shacks look like.

As of today, FSTV contacts only takes place within the US. While FSTV isn't illegal in other countries per se, it requires a much larger bandwidth than is available in the band plans of most countries.

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