Every year, the Faculty, Alumni, Staff and Students (hey, that acronymizes to FASS!) at the University of Waterloo write and produce a live show of some kind. The script is written in the summer and fall by the writing team (over many drinks). Auditions are held at the very beginning of January and are open to all. Then over a period of four crazy weeks, lines are learned, tech work is done and everything magically comes together to make an amazing experience for everybody. The show itself often parodies people, current events, funny situations and other Universities. Anything is open to be poked fun at!

FASS is very serious about having fun! Described as both "a theatre group that likes to party" and "a party group that likes to do theatre", everyone involved has a blast! They've been entertaining the populace at UW since 1962. Most FASS alumni come for the Friday Night performance, traditionally far wackier than the other shows.

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